Hummingbird iOS App 

Hummingbird is a tool to organize and track over-the-shoulder conferences and student sharing in the classroom. It’s a feedback management system that helps teachers keep students on-track when doing micro-conferences, tracking student  progress, commenting on student writing, and individual instruction with frequent, focused bursts of feedback.

ELA Curriculum Platform: We created an innovative and engaging educational platform that delivers rich lesson content and innovative apps and media to students, while providing teachers with a suite of tools helping them to success in the classroom. I provide creative and visual direction to our English Language Arts-focused team of talented designers, illustrators, and asset managers and I work closely with our platform team to ensure we meet the educational goals and needs of our teachers and administrators.

I worked with a talented mix of scholars, curriculum writers and executive stakeholders to ensure we met our company goals, fulfilled pedagogical needs, and created a beautiful experience. 

My role: Design Direction, Ideation and Oversight of all visual content, illustration, production and design QA.

Amplify Library and eReader

The Amplify Library and eReader provides students with more than 600 diverse titles, smooth navigation through texts, audio functionality for accessibility, as well as reveal word functionality, allowing students to view a short synonym definition of challenging words, and remain focused. Amplify ELA inspires students to keep reading, in school and on their own time at home.

Loom Web App

Spotlight Web App

Spotlight is a tool for teachers to store, organize and project student writing samples. Teachers can tag skills, mark-up writing samples, compare two samples, and focus on a single sample, to facilitate a classroom discussion. Spotlight automatically organizes samples by class and date, and provides the teachers the ability to either show off strong work and give credit to the student, or allows them to show samples as anonymous.